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Royal Flush - Metal Wall Art


Northshire - Royal Flush Metal Wall Art

Material: 2 mm steel


Color: Textured Black Dyed

Size: 30cm x 43cm (11,8" x 16,9" inches) - Each Pieces

Packing: Sturdy box suitable for transport and gift.

You can hang it with one nail.

The easily hangable product doesn't need any additional mounting

Please note that the product stands 1 cm away from the wall due to


elevation screws and hanging attachment.

Easy to hang each piece with one nail from the hanging attachment on


the back of the product.


  • CUSTOMIZABLE: Northshire metal wall decor comes in a set of five pieces that can be joined together, using the included clips, to create a set of Royal Flush decor pieces.  

  •  EASY TO SET UP: Lightweight metal decor is easy to handle, mount, and ready to hang on your walls. You can hang it with a single nail from the hook on the back of the decor.
  • Doesn't need any additional mounting process.



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