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Trinity Genealogy Products and Services

What ever your ancestry or genealogy needs, Trinity Genealogy can help with the Discovery of You!



Our services include research for:

-Family Tree Building

-Brickwall Break Throughs

-Collaboration and Expert Verification of a Tree you have done

-Forensic/Probate Genealogy Research

-Custom Research such as D.A.R. Membership

-In some cases, Adoption research.

We provide packages of hourly research to help simplify how much or how little research you may need or want.

Our services require a minimum of 20 hours.

*20 hours is full price hourly rate

*30 hours is 5% off the hourly rate

*40 hours is 10% off the hourly rate

*50 hours or more in increments of 10 hours is 15% off the hourly rate

When you purchase a package of hourly rates, you receive an 8 GB flash drive to store all the data we gathered, all the documents and research, a family tree diagram and a binder to store all of your information with room for more research to be add when you decide. 


If you have questions or want research or products please see our web page at or call 1-888-887-4426

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Disclaimer:  Trinity Genealogy and Trinity3Co. are separate businesses.  Please do not contact one company if you are trying to reach the other company.  Trinity3Co. is connected to Trinity Genealogy solely for marketing and advertising reasons.